Monday, 27 January 2014

New Resource: Box of Broadcasts

Box of Broadcasts (Bob) is a new Library resource for recording and keeping Freeview TV and Radio for educational use.  Think of it as an i-Player plus (or new fangled Off Air Recording if you are as old as I am!)

You can record from over 60 TV and Radio channels, set recordings one week in advance and record or view programmes from the previous 30 days. The BBC TV and Radio archive is now part of BoB, with programmes going back to 2007. Any recorded programmes are kept indefinitely and added to a growing media archive of over 1 million programmes, with all content shared by users across all subscribing institutions. Everyone can keep their own clips and programmes in an area called ‘myBoB’. 

There is a limit of 5 requests per 24 hour period for each person and if you make a clip, it counts as a request.  You can watch or keep as many programmes as you want in your 'myBoB' area if they have been previously recorded or requested. Like i-Player you cannot watch programmes outside of the UK, so if you are using this for any DE programmes or programmes at our overseas campuses, please remember anyone not in the UK will not be able to view.   

Create your account now by:

1.    Open up Firefox or Chrome as your browser.  Please DO NOT use Internet Explorer as it doesn't work very well.
2.    Log into my unihub and search for ‘Box of Broadcasts’ in the Library Catalogue: Click on the words ‘Middlesex users click here’ OR
      Go to the List of Databases in UniHub or myUniHub and find BoB under B.  
3.    Click the login button in BoB.
4.    Type in ‘Middlesex University’ when asked for your organisation. (You only need to type the first few letters and it comes up.)
5.    Login using your normal Middlesex Username and Password.
6.    You will be asked to update your account details the first time you go into BoB.  Please enter your Middlesex email address. 
7.    Watch the excellent 'how to' videos to help you get the best out of BoB.

Once you have a programme saved, you can create a clip by selecting a particular part of the programme using the Clip button.  You then click the embed button to generate code so you can then add clips to My Learning (Moodle).  You'll need to create resource for this.  Please ask me for a set of instructions on how to do this.  You can of course use the embed code in other things, but access will require logins and will not work outside the UK.

This is new to all of us in the Library, so handy hints on clever things you find it can do or problems you come up with, do please let us Librarians know.

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