Monday, 10 February 2014

Click: Wearable Technologies

Fancy being part of the audience:

"Technology allows us to wear prescription glasses and put on wrist watches. Without giving these devices much thought, once they're on, we are hardly aware of them.

The same philosophy underpins today's advanced wearable technologies.

This special edition of Click charts the evolution of wearable technologies such as Google glass, life-logging cameras and sixth sense gestural interfaces.

These devices suggest a future where you will not have to disrupt social interactions with invasive technology (such as a hand-held mobile phone) because you will have ambient awareness of your surroundings.

Click's Gareth Mitchell and Bill Thompson, sporting the latest interactive shirts, are joined by a panel of experts, including a wearer of Google glass and a musician wired with sensors to enhance performance, to discuss whether a world of augmented reality through wearable technologies is far away and fanciful, or is it desirable or inevitable?"

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