Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Party tech: Gadgets and apps to upgrade your celebrations

"It used to be so easy: stick a Dusty Springfield LP on the record player, warm up the lava lamp, poke cocktail sticks into a few dozen cubes of cheese and crack open a bottle of Blue Nun. 

Job done, a cracking celebration all but guaranteed.

Some 50 years on, that kind of party planning is likely to obliterate your Facebook Friends list and leave you with a living room laden with uneaten cheddar.

But with karaoke, jelly shots and Trivial Pursuits also starting to feel more than a little passé, how are hosts supposed to ensure their parties feel like they belong to this and not the last millennium?

The BBC asked tech writer Ella Williamson to survey some of the hi-tech options available."

Read more from the BBC.

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