Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Incentivisation in design, NordiCHI'14- Deadline extended until 28th Aug.

DATE OF WORKSHOP: 27th October 2014

This interactive multidisciplinary one-day workshop brings together
researchers and practitioners interested in exploring the ethical,
economic, and material entanglements constituted by incentivisation.
Points of departure will be likely to involve discussions of, on the
one hand, designs projects which endeavor to explore incentivisation
and, on the other hand, workshop participants? recollections of and
opinions regarding instances in which they have (intentionally or
otherwise) incentivised the engagement of research participants and/or
users in their projects.

We invite researchers and practitioners from fields including but not
restricted to design, HCI, CSCW, ethnography, psychology,  anthropology,
human geography, as well as industry practitioners. Our  day of
collaboration will comprise of pecha kucha-style presentations  from
participants, discussions, and an activity based around a  particular
socio-technical and economic context in which participants  will be
encouraged to explore and develop design solutions for  incentivisation.

Workshop aims
- To recognize and identify, through participant examples, when and  how
incentives (e.g. money, vouchers, fun, connections) are inherent  to
designs and how incentives come to be part of projects.
- To share as a group stories of how people have encouraged publics?
uptake of their research processes and where appropriate projects and
to reflect on these stories.
- To use presentations of participants? experiences to compare and
contrast the ways in which ideas and practices surrounding
incentivisation might vary between disciplines, between public and
privately-funded projects, and between different media.
- To discuss how digital worlds might make incentivisation a  meaningful
and thought-provoking new paradigm for discussing research  about and in
digital worlds.

Submission guidelines
On the day of the workshop, presenters will begin discussions with
pecha kucha-style presentations.
Please apply by sending Siobhan Magee ( ONE of
the following by 28th August 2014: a 2-page positioning paper in
DIS2012 format ( sent as a Word document; a
diagram, drawing, video, or up to 5 photographs (with a brief
description of your images) that says or asks something about
incentives and/or incentivisation.

Please also submit a short biographical statement (50 words), allowing
organisers to understand the disciplinary mix of the workshop.
Submissions will be assessed based upon their relevance and
originality. Images and positioning papers will be posted to the
workshop?s website.
The workshop will be an excellent opportunity to establish a network  of
those interested in exploring incentivisation in the future. We  also
plan to work towards a journal special issue entitled  ?Incentivisation
in Design?.

Please email all submissions and queries to Siobhan Magee
Details on conference registration can be found here:

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