Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Sample of the week

The Samples Library is a collection of materials used in design and architecture. Samples range from floor tiles, glass, wood, and plastics to fabrics, paint swatches, fixtures and fittings.

Materials are mainly from UK manufacturers, with some also from Europe and beyond.

The collection focuses on new and exciting materials for buildings and interiors.  Brilliant for interior architecture students but also offering ideas for textures, surfaces and materials for all designers.

Most samples in the collection can be borrowed for a period of two weeks from the Materials Room (Basement of The Sheppard Library), which is usually open 11-4 Monday-Friday.

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Our 'sample of the week' this week is Barkcloth.

Barkcloth is a fabric native to Uganda and was historically used to produce clothing for Kings and Queens until the introduction of cotton. Barkcloth comes primarily from trees of the Moraceae family and is made by beating sodden strips of the fibrous inner bark of these trees into sheets. Today it is still used to make clothing and accessories.

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