Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Tiree Tech Wave

A hands-on making and meeting event exploring the edges of technology on the wild edge of Scotland


26-30 March 2015, Isle of Tiree, Scotland

Organisers:  Alan Dix and Graham Dean

The Atlantic fringe was the haven of scholarship through the Dark Ages and is the haunt of wind-surfers today. The Tech Wave tries to capture a little of the spirit of each (see vision); from mashups to breadboards, Arduino to RDF, we will consider the social and philosophical challenges of technology by engaging directly with it. Come to take time to explore ideas that keep being put on the backburner, to be stimulated by others, or simply to be intellectually refreshed.

New faces and old are all welcome.

As always there is no fixed agenda, the issues and activities depend on you!  However, to spark ideas there are boxes full of maker-kit (including a few new toys from a Kickstarter and 3D scanner), and lots of data to hack and mash from the island and Alan's walk.

See updates:
    on Twitter:  @tireetechwave

Registration £130 or Early bird £100 (until 27th February)

See website for full details of TTW9 and reports of past events:

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