Tuesday, 12 May 2015

British HCI 2015: Calls for Workshop Participation

British HCI 2015:  Calls for Workshop Participation

The 29th British Human Computer Interaction Conference (HCI 2015) invites your participation in its diverse and exciting workshop programme.  Deadlines are soon approaching (starting from 21 May) – for individual workshop details, please see the workshop websites at http://british-hci2015.org/participation/workshops/.

Workshops on Monday 13 July:
·         Understanding Persuasion: HCI as a medium for persuasion
·         ACI@BHCI (Animal Computer Interaction)
·         The X-Factor: Creating Media Experiences for Life After TV
·         iUBICOM (International workshop on Ubiquitous & Collaborative Computing)
·         Evasive data – public but not by preference
·         HCI and Notions of Democracy, Participation and Self-Organisation

Workshops on Tuesday 14 July:
·         Designing digital creative commons for collaboration in the Performing Arts
·         UK_SHCI: Sustainable HCI in the UK
·         Personalised health and care in the Internet of Things
·         Lessons from The Public, What can HCI learn from interactive art?
·         Designing with and for autistic users
·         The use of learning research and theory to inform the design of educational games

British HCI co-chairs:
Faustina Hwang, University of Reading (f.hwang@reading.ac.uk)
Asimina Vasalou, UCL Institute of Education (A.Vasalou@ioe.ac.uk)
Mark Doughty, University of Lincoln (MDoughty@lincoln.ac.uk)

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