Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Paperwork exhibition

Currently on display in the Sheppard Library’s Basement stairwell is a small exhibition of paper objects.

Although paper in the form we know today was developed in China in the 1st millennium AD, it is still an amazingly widespread and versatile material.

This display shows some of the examples of paper items in the library’s special collections, especially those where the flat surface is transformed into a three-dimensional object, by folding, manipulation, cutting or layering.

Examples range from traditional printed leaflets, and pop-up and artists’ books with ingenious engineering, to robust building materials made from layered paper, and sculptural forms designed by scoring and folding.

The Materials Room where most of the items are held is located in the Basement and is usually open from 11am- 4pm Monday to Friday during term time.

The exhibition will be up until the end of July 2015.

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