Thursday, 28 January 2016

Tiree Tech Wave (TTW11)

10-14 March 2016, Isle of Tiree, Scotland, UK

A hands-on making and meeting event exploring the edges of technology on the wild edge of Scotland

Register by 12th February for early bird rate.

We are once again coming together to explore the outer edges of technology on the outer edges of Scotland, opening your own horizons in a land of endless sky.  Come if you want to make sense of the way technology engages with society, or if you simply want make things with RPis, Arduinos and conductive thread.

The western fringe is where scholarship was kept alive in the Dark Ages, and where wind surfers gather today.  At Tiree Tech Wave we try to capture a little of the depth of the former and the excitement of the latter as we explore the social, artful, playful and practical edges of technology.

There are no fixed outcomes, you come, you meet, you do stuff together.  However, because there are no fixed outcomes, many exciting things happen.

For some past highlights see:

There are a few special things likely to be happening this time.

This Tech Wave overlaps British Science week:
we will do some events/activities with the local community – if you have ideas or have done something similar before, thoughts, ideas inspirations will be very welcome

A’Bhuain, the 10 yearly Tiree Homecoming is happening in May (23-27).
This is bringing Tiree diaspora from as far afield as Canada and Australia.  Many of their ancestors will have left during hard times, refugees of their age, so especially poignant given events of the last year.  This might be a inspiration for some activity, or an opportunity to work with the A’Bhuain organisers.
However, the final agenda is your own.


Professor Alan Dix

      University of Birmingham, UK
      Talis, Birmingham, UK

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