Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Sample of the Month: Technogel

Technogel was created from collaboration between Bayer Material Science in Germany and the Milan Polytechnic Bio- engineering Institute in Italy and originally intended for medical use.
“Technogel is a unique “soft solid” material that joins together the 3D deformation of a fluid and the memory’ shape of a solid. It is a completely non-toxic and stable polyurethane substance (made without using oils or platicizers. Technogel moulds itself to each individual user’s physical structure, whichever it may be, deforming in all directions (up-down, right-left and frontward-backward), contrary to the most commonly used materials which deform just in one direction (up-down).”
It can be used to cover seating areas, chairs and beds and can also be used in shoe design, jewellery and art work.
Find this material and many others in our Samples Collection located in the Materials Room.
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