Friday, 18 November 2016

Don't forget copyright

Copyright is often considered very late or not at all when producing academic work. Depending on the nature of the work and your future intentions, it should really be considered at an early stage to avoid obstacles and disappointment at a later date.

For example if you have used an image in your academic work, this is probably OK under UK Copyright law if full credit is given to the person who created the image i.e. the image has been used for educational purposes. However if you decide to further use the image by publishing, exhibiting or showcasing the work that contains the image (i.e. not for educational purposes), this will probably be illegal.

This is just one example. Copyright law is very complex and applies to lots of things, not just images. To make sure that what you are doing is legal, get advice from our Copyright Officer Kate Vasili

If you think that you and your fellow students would benefit from more information about copyright , then ask your lecturer to contact Kate Vasili who will be happy to tell you about it and answer your questions.

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