Thursday, 9 March 2017

MDX Student Success Festival coming soon

Student Fair:  27th March, 11am-4pm

Workshops: 28th March – 7th April, various times


Studying, exams and assessment can be stressful for students, but we are here to help! This year, Middlesex University will be holding a two week Student Success Festival focusing on all aspects of learning and achievement, from study skills to healthy living.


Many different teams from across the university will be involved in this event, which this year is themed as an Adventure Island. Students will be encouraged to participate in games and activities that will be based around various learning, study and wellbeing skills in order help promote awareness of all that the university has to offer, and to encourage them to take independent ownership of their own learning adventures! Not only that, but there will be competitions and gifts, including the chance for students to win an iPad!


At the Festival on the 27th of March (in the Quad), there will be all sorts of excitement, including an interactive volcano, a wishing tree, a tropical bar offering free smoothies and healthy snacks, and - of course - support services on hand to connect students with the services that will most be beneficial to them.


Some of the teams involved are the LET, the SLAs, Employability, Progression & Support, Registry, Wellbeing, MDXSU, and the Library. We will also be hosting healthy eating activities, helping students to connect with Academic and Student Societies and generally consider how they can increase their academic potential.


After the fair, 28th March - 7th April, workshops will be offered covering a wide range of skills to help students achieve their goals.


Study skills, writing and exam practice will be covered, along with sessions looking at specific schools and assessments, provided by the SLAs who work on these programs. Additional workshops will be offered by Disability and Dyslexia, Counselling and Mental Health, the LET, MDXSU, and Progression & Support. Everything is free and can be booked via UniHub.

Also, students can access the SSF page and discover workshops, playlists, teasers, videos and more about the Fest!

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